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The Legend of Malen-Dohr

Long ago, when ogres, humans, and dragons lived in peace, there was an evil War Lord who called himself Shadrain.
This wicked man slowly constructed a mighty fortress and conquered many neighboring kingdoms. Many brave warriors led battles against Shadrain, but they never even got within sight of his castle. In a peaceful, conquered, kingdom called Chanthril, a warrior elf went to plead to Shadrain for his kingdom's freedom. After not hearing from him for four months, his younger brother, Traven, embarked upon a quest to find his missing brother, and destroy the evil emperor. This is his story...

These are pictures of the walk engine.

Inside someone's house...who's?

Hey! There's a house!

Thanks to Chris for this AWESOME title screen!

This is the new text engine!

I gave Traven a whole new look.

Walking Engine v.0.5

Walking Engine v.0.1