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Hey. Please use our polls to tell us how you feel! Or, better yet, use our new message board. Yes, out with the bravenet and in with the ezboard.   So, please use this one more than the previous one. PLEASE.


Rejoice! Finally, I have completed the next beta in the WE series. Please download it now and enjoy yourselves with it!


Hey, good news today, I have finally perfected the text engine! Check out the new screenshots too. All I have to do is fix one little bug and add two sprites! The countdown is started!

Hey! We got lotsa updates!!!! First off, let's give a round of applause for our new artist: (another) CHRIS!!!! Also, and I REALLY mean it this time, get ready for a new WE beta soon. I just need to finish the following:(in order of priority)
1)Complete/Perfect the text engine
2)Fix map transition bug
3)Perfect implementation of BE
4)Something I can't think of at the moment. lol.
Keep the faith!

Ok! We are still working feverishly on our many projects. If all goes well, and I get more free time than usual, there will be a second beta of the walking engine. Still need an artist, so please e-mail me!


Hi! Been busy, as usual, but we are all making great progress. I just talked to Chris, and he says that GREG is doin' great and same with the walking engine. Also, we still need an ARTIST!!!! And PLEASE write us feedback with your opinions of anything that has to do with the site, our -few- programs, ideas, etc. We are doing this for you!


I am very close to having a new beta. Check out the new screenshots! Also, download James' battle engine! And lastly, we are in need of an artist. We can do the art, but it would be a big help to have someone who is solely responsible for the art. If you are interested, please CONTACT US with a little info about you and maybe some examples of your work. Thanks!


Sorry about the lack of updates, but I have been REALLY busy with school, homeowrk, etc. It will be awhile till the next update also, but James has completed the Battle Engine demo for the Legend of Malen-Dohr. If you want to see that seperately, either wait a couple days til I post it, or mail me. Hopefully, next time I will release a walking engine demo with the battle engine integrated.

Happy New Year! Haven't had much to say for a while, but I have some now! First off, I am taking down the link to the Ender source. If you want it, you need to e-mail me. Second, Chris is starting work on a card game called Ditsy Elephant.

Happy New Year! Work is going fast on the WE, and I really expect a new release soon, it will [hopefully] have multiple 'screens' to explore, and a help section on the menu.

Happy Holidays! We have discontinued Ender's Game, but you can download the source if you want! We are making grat progress(mostly because of the lack of scholl ;) And I am hoping to release a second WE(Walking Engine) beta before January!

Finally released another beta, but this time, it's for The Legend of Malen-Dohr! Download here:

Walking Engine v.0.1

Haven't updated in a LONG time, but here I am. Ok. We are starting on MegaMan-89, working on Ender's Game-89, and wokring on the Legend of Malen-Dohr! Also, we are planning another game, Chump's Challenge, based off of the classic, Chip's Challenge. We have a new poll, too!

Haven't updated in a while. Progress is continuing on the beta version. We could use some help if anyone is interested.

Working on the next beta and The Legend of Malen-Dohr. Visit our forum!

Happy birthday to us! Today is our one month birthday! Yea!
We are working on realeasing Ender's Game version 0.33beta as soon as possible, but we wonder why no one has filled out the poll? PLEASE tell us what you think of the beta!

I hope that Everyone enjoys the beta. Chris and I have begun the VERY early stages of our next RPG by the name of.....The Legend of Malen-Dohr.

Finished Ender's Game version 0.2 beta donwload it here:


If Ender's Game is not done tonight, it will be done tomorrow! Get ready!!!!!

I am SO close to finishing the beta that its not even funny! All I have to add is the function that finds out if you have shot something and then I will post it here! Any day now....

Battle room section is getting along quite well. Same with Bugger War. I am praying that we finish the beta this week/weekend/month=)

Continuing(is that spelled right?) Ender's Game. We have started a "Site of the Week" program. Contact us if you are interested.

Please take our survey and sign our guestbook!!!! We have also added a form for program suggestions. Go to our PROGRAMMING section to use it!

Making progess on Ender's Gamev.0.25beta. Looking for beta testers.

We have encountered a very annoying bug in our program and release of Ender's Gamev.0.5beta has been cancelled. Within a week, we will have v.0.25beta ready. Sign our guestbook and take the poll!

Been working on Ender's Game for a while now. With luck we will finish the beta by tomorrow or the next day. Sign our new guestbook!

Hopefully, Ender's Game v.0.5beta will be available this weekend!

Chris is now the Head C programmer. He is FAR more experienced than me.

We have new screen shots from Ender's Game. We will hopefully have a beta version soon.

Making good progress on Ender's Game.

Legacy Calcware welcomes its newest staff member: Chris Monosmith!!!

Progress is slow and steady on Ender's Game. Version 0.15beta is available now.

We have two screen shots from Ender's Game-89! Check out the PUD section to see them(Still looking for staff members).

We are still loking for new staff members! Ender's Game is now in the VERY early stages of development. Screen shots and demos will be available as soon as possible.